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Anti Harassment Training and Compliance Kit

Everything you need – all in one Kit!

"It was very helpful info, I wish I (were) provided with this info 15 years ago when I first started working. The videos are very easy to understand."

Online Training

  • Engaging, interactive, video based content
  • Compliant with State requirements
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Designed by leading, certified human resources experts
  • Content covers harassment, discrimination, abuse and sex harassment
  • No participant minimums, enroll 1 or 1000
  • 4 week access

"I have experienced some of the topics discussed. I'm glad that everyone has to complete this.."

Engaged Learning

90% – I learned something new

94% – The information was helpful

98% – The content was easy to understand

86% – The course provided content I could apply immediately

94% – Satisfied with the learning experience

"Thank you for educating employees and employers with these short clips.."

Anti Harassment Documents

  • Compliant handbook policy
  • Investigation process overview
  • Complaint form
  • State and federal resources description
  • Required workplace postings

"Very informative and well presented"

The Complete Training Solution

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