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Sing With Your Opera Voice!

You chose a service business because you wanted to help others.  Coaching, counseling, providing professional services.  But each day so many things are coming at you from all directions, you’re finding it difficult to stay focused on your vision in the overwhelm.  In fact, these days you find it difficult to focus on anything at all.  Everything is pulling for your attention – now!

Vicky knows what you are experiencing, because she has been through it, and come out the other side with a seven-figure  business.  Through sharing her unique personal journey (after all – how many opera singers turned entrepreneur do you know), and walking you through the Leader’s Journey Framework steps, she gives you the key to putting your business on the fast track to growth.  And making your life sane and more like the life of abundance and freedom you always pictured.

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Coming Soon

About the Author …

As a serial entrepreneur, Vicky Brown has focused her businesses on supporting leaders, and the business of leadership.  With Idomeneo Enterprises, her HR consultancy, and Idomeneo Insurance Services, her insurance agency, she blends her vast human resources knowledge with the realities of starting, growing and running a thriving business.  Her focus on business owners in the early stages of building or developing their team, led her to develop the Leader’s Journey Experience.  Through education and coaching, Leader’s Journey supports the growth of new entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.